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Jordan Peterson

Appointed Chancellor

Ralston College is honored to announce the appointment of Dr Jordan B. Peterson as its Chancellor.

Dr Peterson is a tireless defender of free thought, free speech, and conscientious action; and a passionate advocate of the true and beautiful things that those free acts can attain. A brilliant interpreter of Western culture and a mentor to the millions of students whom the modern university has betrayed, Dr Peterson understands the transformative power of human civilization and the unique nourishment that its cultural treasures afford. 

Dr Peterson has been an eloquent advocate for and a fearless champion of the ideals that have, for centuries, been central to the enterprise of university education. At Ralston College, he joins a community dedicated to the revival and reinvention of the university and to the recovery of these ideals.

Watch his inaugural lecture to our MA in the Humanities class, The Logos at Ephesus, delievered at the ancient Library of Celsus.

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“The university is about the beauty that is eternal. That is not optional; it’s not impractical—it’s that upon which practicality itself is predicated. That is the university.”


Spend a year in dialogue with life's most searching questions in an open-minded community in Greece and then beautiful Savannah.

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