Founding Team

Ralston's team is comprised of academics, administrators, and philanthropists, with specialties ranging from poetry to PR, from philosophy to finance, and includes both tenured professors and young graduates who believe that a radical new beginning is the only antidote to the dysfunctions of the status quo. Ralston's President is Stephen Blackwood.

Board of Visitors

We are honored to have the affiliation of many renowned intellectual and cultural figures on our Board of Visitors, including:

  • Vernon Smith, Nobel Laureate in Economics

  • Heather Mac Donald, Writer and Cultural Commentator

  • Jordan B. Peterson, Professor of Psychology, University of Toronto

  • Harry Lewis, Professor of Computer Science, Harvard University, and former Dean, Harvard College

  • Freeman Dyson, Theoretical Physicist and Mathematician

  • Sir Roger Scruton, Writer and Philosopher

  • Alan Charles Kors, Historian and Co-founder of FIRE

  • Ruth Wisse,  Professor of Yiddish Literature and Comparative Literature, Harvard University

  • Roger Kimball, Publisher of The New Criterion and Encounter Books