Ralston College
Explore the questions at the heart of human life. We'd love to have you join us.
To think is to be free


A revival and reinvention of the traditional university. A fellowship for anyone, anywhere, who seeks the truth with courage.


Whether you engage with us online, in person at events around the world, or as a student in Savannah, Ralston College holds a space for courageous curiosity and productive disagreement, where ideas are shared with the purpose of living more fully and renewing a shared human culture. 

Encounter the richest and most challenging works of art and intellect from an uncensored past. Exercise free and independent thinking to answer the challenges of our own time and culture. Question openly, in a community dedicated to freedom of thought and speech: to seeking truth, no matter where it leads, and in fellowship with others. 

The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be lit quote.
Young Spartan Girls Challenging Boys



A one-year Master of Arts in the Humanities designed for those who seek a comprehensive graduate curriculum focussed on fundamental questions.  This demanding program will combine artistic, literary, and philosophical studies to offer a deep understanding of the present cultural moment through the record of its ancient, medieval, and modern origins.  The application cycle and theme for 2023/24 will be announced this fall.




Available to anyone anywhere in the world, in partnership with the global online learning platform FutureLearn. We believe the treasures of art and intellect are an inheritance for everyone. Encounter works which endure with teachers that inspire, and explore the deep questions that each will provoke


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What Makes a Happy Life? An Introduction to Samuel Johnson's Rasselas


Truth and Beauty
Explore the questions at the heart of human life. We'd love to have you join us.
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