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 Jordan Peterson

​​Jordan Peterson is a Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Toronto and the Chancellor of Ralston College. He is a distinguished scholar and psychologist, a renowned defender of freedom of thought and speech, and a teacher and mentor to millions around the world.  His books—Maps of Meaning, 12 Rules for Life, and Beyond Order—exhibit the extraordinary range of his intellectual interests and open fields of inquiry to a wide range of readers and in more than thirty languages. In his writings and lectures, Dr Peterson draws upon scientific knowledge on the one hand, and mythological and symbolic insight on the other, to reveal the paths that lead to self-realization and purpose in human life. 

As Chancellor, Dr Peterson is the formal and ceremonial head of Ralston College. The most ancient role at the university—with its origins in the Middle Ages—the Chancellor is both a symbol and a guardian: a symbol of continuity with centuries of artistic creation and philosophical reflection; of intellectual community and discovery; and a guardian of the freedoms on which these depend, of the activities that sustain them, and of the ceremonies that crown them. Above all, the Chancellorship advances the university's most fundamental aim: to kindle and enlarge the human spirit.

Ralston College is greatly honored to have Dr Peterson as its Chancellor.


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