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Ralston College

Achievement of Arms

On April 27th, 2022, a coat of Arms was officially devised and assigned to Ralston College by the College of Arms, the official heraldic authority for England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and many members of the Commonwealth. These unique heraldic symbols communicate our history, identity, and values.  

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Acting on legal powers granted to them by Queen Elizabeth II, the Kings of Arms—the most senior heralds of the College of Arms—devised armorial ensigns to reflect the character of Ralston College. These were recorded for posterity in the official register of Arms. The resulting achievement of Arms is a visual manifestation of the highest ideals on which the College was founded.


Forged in Battle

In times of war, the question of friend or foe has always been one of life or death. Knights in the Middle Ages wore a coat of arms as a means of distinguishing themselves on the battlefield. Early heralds were responsible for recognizing, recording, and eventually regulating the crests atop the knights’ helmets and the arms emblazoned on their shields. 

"Ralston College proudly bears these armorial ensigns as a symbol of our highest ideals."
Stephen Blackwood, founding President of Ralston College

Today, these heraldic symbols have taken on a new life as badges of civic distinction. In 1439, the use of arms extended from individuals to organizations when the Garter King of Arms awarded the honors to a London guild. Nearly six hundred years later, the College of Arms continues to grant and register new arms under the authority of the Crown. When considering petitions, the Kings of Arms take into consideration the public standing of an individual or organization, as well as their educational attainments, professional qualifications, and record of service.