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Professor of Classics and Director of the Greek Program
 Joseph Conlon

Joseph Conlon specializes in language acquisition and the pedagogy of ancient languages. Before joining Ralston College as a Professor of Classics, he taught Latin and Greek as spoken languages at the Paideia Institute in Italy and Greece, Princeton University, and a number of other academic institutions. He is a translator of Katharevousa literature, and his translation of Alexandros Papadiamantis’s novelἩ Γυφτοπούλα will be published by Denise Harvey.

His work in the teaching of Latin and Greek is guided by the conviction that the ability to communicate effectively with our ancestors is the necessary precondition for the revitalization of humanitas in the Ciceronian sense—a unification of paideia, our diachronic connection with our cultural heritage, and philanthropia, our synchronic love for mankind. In particular, he is devoted to the celebration of the essential unity of the Greek language and the Hellenic tradition, and his teaching of Greek draws upon the entire history of the language, from Homeric to Demotic.

Dr Conlon holds a BA in Classics from Reed College, and an MPhil and PhD in Classical Philology from Princeton University.


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