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The Medieval Cosmos as Permanent Apocalypse: A Lecture by Jonathan Pageau - February 27th at 5PM

  • Past Event
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  • Soho House, 12 W Liberty St, Savannah

The Medieval Church approached the world through a "microcosm within macrocosm" worldview which imbued social forms from image making, geography, architecture, to liturgy and storytelling. 

This Cosmic vision was apocalyptic in that it did not primarily dwell on the mechanics of scientific processes, but dwelled especially on Cosmic meaning, purpose and finality.  By looking at the Medieval images of the Last Judgement and how it connects to its Biblical inspirations, we can map out the implications of the Medieval worldview and explore its use for us even in the modern world.

About the Speaker

Jonathan Pageau is a professional icon carver and liturgical artist. His work has been commissioned by clergy and individuals from around the world, as well as being widely published and shown in museums. Having studied Painting and Drawing at Concordia University, Montreal, he later read Orthodox Theology and Iconology at the University of Sherbrooke. He is a celebrated public speaker on traditional symbolism and contemporary re-enchantment. His YouTube channel, The Symbolic World, has over 200,000 subscribers. He lives in the Montreal area with his wife and three children.