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Bacchae: Euripides' Greek Tragedy

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  • Past Event
    Thursday, June 1st at 7PM
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  • Ships of the Sea Museum, 41 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Savannah

A new translation of Euripides' ancient Greek tragedy, the Bacchae, performed by the inaugural graduate class of Ralston College, and directed and translated by Emily Wendt.

The theme of Ralston College's inaugural MA program is "the Self,” and it traces the transformations of this idea from its origins in antiquity. But what happens when the self is dissolved, dissipated, or destroyed? Dionysus, the god at the center of this drama, offers an escape from the self through his rites of worshipful revelry. He demands, from everyone he encounters, the offering of their conscious self to honor him the way that he likes, lest they face his destructive punishment.

The allure of abandoning one's individual identity to form a moving mass is undeniable. But the dissolution of the self, as well as the resistance of this seductive force, each come with a cost for the individual and for the group. What fatal consequences will they both discover after the frenzied dances of Dionysus end?

The Bacchae is a gripping tale of revelry and retribution, one imbued with all the drama and pathos of ancient Greek culture.
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Emily Wendt studied Classics at Georgetown, where she fell in love with Euripides and began translating the Bacchae. This translation was first performed last August in Samos, Greece, during her initial term of study in Ralston College’s MA in the Humanities. Ms Wendt hopes to continue staging productions of the Bacchae across the globe, and also wishes to continue her translating efforts as well. Many of the works which she finds most meaningful lack adequate modern renderings, and she plans to use her voice and talents to open these works to the wider English-speaking world. 

 Wendt, Emily