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Plato on How to Tell Great Stories: A Lecture by Dr Alex Petkas – Thursday, November 9th at 5PM

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  • 26 East Gaston Street, Savannah, GA

In times of chaos, when new orders and institutions are forming, great storytellers seize the opportunity.   

Plato, in the Republic, famously presented story selection as a foundational question for lawgivers to address. Plato wanted to know what kind of stories would produce the ideal human being, and in turn, the ideal state.

Dr Alex Petkas, writer and host of The Cost of Glory podcast, will present a lesson in the theory and practice of storytelling from Plato. He will examine Plato's interest in narrative in the context of his philosophy and his very active career in politics and statecraft, including his troubled experiments with the Sicilian tyrants at Syracuse.  

He will also look at the work of one of Plato's greatest literary imitators in antiquity, the philosopher Plutarch, author of the Parallel Lives. A less-often cited essay of the modern theorist of mimesis, the late René Girard, offers insight on how Plato's lesson is salient for modern humanists.  

Please join us for the first public lecture of the academic year in our new College building, the Athenaeum, at 26 East Gaston Street.

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About the Speaker

Alex Petkas’ writing has appeared in numerous peer-reviewed academic journals and many popular online publications, including Compact, American Mind, American Conservative and Man's World. He is a proficient speaker of ancient Greek, having co-founded and taught for many years at the Paideia Institute's Living Greek in Greece program.  Dr Petkas holds a PhD in Classics from Princeton University, and taught at University of California, San Diego, and California State University, Fresno (tenure-track) before leaving academia for private industry.