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Coelorum Gaudia: A Seasonal Choral Concert - Friday, December 8th at 6PM

  • Past Event
  • Location
  • St John's Episcopal Church, 325 Bull St, Savannah, GA 31401

Please join Ralston College's Seasonal Choral Concert.

This year the professional vocal consort will be joined by the Ralston Chorus in a concert of sacred and secular carols and readings. The concert program is organized around the curriculum that is taught at the College: Western civilization broadly understood, focussing on its animating ideas and ideals, and on the giants that gave us those, including, these last months, Homer, Plato, and the Greek Bible. 

Each year we select a theme that helps us to think through the Hellenic tradition from antiquity, through the middle ages, into modernity. This year’s theme is “The Whole'', an ancient way of conceiving the underlying and redemptive integrity that holds the disparate parts of the world together, in the face of change, decay, alienation and despair. At no point of the year is it more important to remind ourselves that darkness cannot comprehend the light than in the bleak midwinter––to sing the praises of the heavens that watch over us at night. 

We hope you will join us in a midwinter celebration at the halfway mark of our own academic year, a small token of gratitude to the Hostess City of the South that has lived up to every bit of her reputation for warm and gracious hospitality, having given our college a beautiful, inspiring home.

Free admission.