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The Innovation Upside of the Covid Pandemic

Article 5th March 2021

Stephen Blackwood Stephen

We have reached a crossroads in higher education. It's hard to imagine that, post-pandemic, students and teachers will simply want to return to the status quo.

This article originally appeared in Real Clear Education.

Living with Covid-19 has often felt like an upside-down world: family and friends distanced from one another, work and school limited to screens, and the disruption of all things normal. While Covid interruptions and changes have fostered a sense of anxiety and frustration, and much worse than that for many—its disturbances have also planted seeds of opportunity, helping many reprioritize and reimagine what life can offer…

"Innovation is the best remedy to any stagnant industry—just as freedom of speech and thought are the antidote to corruption and coercion. Higher education is no exception".

Image: Volker Hermes, Hidden de la Tour, Photographic collage, 2019.


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