Why is Ralston necessary?

Ralston College is committed to an educational vision that enables students to lead lives of self-knowledge, freedom, and substance. The most distinguished colleges and universities in the world have historically been likewise committed, and there are still today pockets of teachers, administrators, and institutes who endeavor to honor that vision.

And yet, broadly speaking, higher education is in dire straits. From speech codes and ever more prohibitive costs to bloated administration and suffocating intellectual culture, the dysfunctions are widespread and profound. 

Nor is this a matter of chance. The worldview that is now dominant in most institutions of higher education explicitly scorns the riches, achievements, and lessons of the past, even as it actively undermines the intellectual, religious, and economic liberties that sustain a common human culture. By subordinating education to identity politics and other narrow ideological ends, colleges and universities are broadly failing at their essential task: to awaken in their students a sense of the best and highest human possibilities, and to inspire the independence of mind and courage of heart it takes to embrace them.

While the problems are widely acknowledged and often chronicled, there are too many stakeholders in the status quo to make radical reform of current institutions possible. What is needed is a disruptive new model, a superior alternative to the coercive homogeneity of the present: an example that shows a better way.