Ralston’s Teaching


The College’s motto, SERMO LIBER VITA IPSA, translates into English as ‘Free Speech is Life Itself’, and will be a sovereign principle for learning.

Absolute freedom of inquiry is a necessary condition of any university, but it is not a sufficient one: it must be paired with a dynamic and rigorous engagement with curricular content.

Ralston will offer degrees and support teaching and research in many areas of study, but in the first phase of operations it will focus on the liberal arts – because they are foundational for the actualization of the highest and best human possibilities.

Ralston College is neither politically nor philosophically partisan: our aim is not indoctrination, but education. We wish to cultivate for our students rich encounters with the history — extending from ancient times to the present — of human endeavor in such fields as the arts, philosophy, economics, natural science, religion, and politics. But we have no interest in establishing a new institution aimed at serving a particular ideological standpoint, and we are convinced that a free marketplace of ideas is the best context one could wish for to introduce the riches of the tradition to the young.

We are confident that the works of the great thinkers of the past are still able to be radically and richly transformative for students as long as they are not presented in a way that imposes contemporary assumptions upon them. We are accordingly determined to avoid the suffocating influence that political correctness, speech codes, and other coercive policies continue to have on most campuses. 

Ralston will provide a community that values friendship and discovery but will not attempt to act in loco parentis.

Students who seek to have their views and feelings unquestionably affirmed will not find Ralston congenial and should not apply. But students who seek intellectual independence and self-knowledge — to think deeply about the most important things — will find it a place of discovery, adventure, and freedom unlike anywhere else.

Ralston expects to admit its first students in the near future. It is not yet accepting applications.